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Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil  - What's the difference?

recipes and ideas -
for creating potpourri, sachets, bath and body oils, lotions and soaps, aromatherapy, herbal and nature crafts

ingredients -
potpourri ingredients, essential and fragrance oils, carrier and cosmetic oils and beeswax, lotion base, shampoo base, liquid and melt and pour glycerin soap base, castile soap flakes, flower and herb powders, clay powder,|dried whole herbs, flowers, leaves and pods, vegetable glycerin, castile, sea salt. herbal baths, candle scents, soap scents

supplies -
bags for potpourri and sachets, droppers, essential oil diffusers, incense sticks, beeswax, wreath and floral supplies, glycerin soap making kits and candle making kits

prepared blends -
potpourri, bulk sachet, bath sachet, bath tea and facial masks



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