Main Entry: potpourri
Pronunciation: "pO-pu-'rE
Function: noun
Etymology: French pot pourri, literally, rotten pot
Date: 1749
1: a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent
--Merriam Webster

The four basic elements for potpourri are

Shape & Texture

Botanicals can be used for all four, or essential/fragrance oils can be used for aroma and/or a fixative. Using the oils will usually produce a stronger scent and adding them can revitalize older potpourris.

When adding liquid scent to potpourri, mix it separately with either the fixatives--orris root, oak moss, vetiver, cellulose, orange or lemon peel, etc. or drop it on other absorbent, sturdy pieces such as cones, pods, allspice, cloves or cinnamon chips, and then combine with the more delicate botanicals.

If you have the time, "age" the potpourri in a tightly sealed container for two weeks or longer to allow the scents to combine, turning or mixing it occasionally.

2 c Peony Flowers
1 c Rose buds and Petals, Red
1 c Larkspur Flowers
1 c Jasmine Flower Petals
1 c Curly Pods, Gold
1/2 c Kesu Flowers, Burgundy
1/2 c Bora Flowers, Cranberry
1/2 c Palbosa (Cupid Pods) Cranberry

1/2 c Sandalwood chips, yellow (fixative)
1/8 oz Ylang Ylang fragrance oil or 10 to 20 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

Mix the fragrance with Sandalwood chips, and let it blend overnight, covered. Combine the dry ingredients, and add the Sandalwood/Ylang Ylang mixture. 2/00

8 lbs (approximately) Pine Cones (any type of cones or pods)
3/4 oz Bayberry Fragrance Oil
1/4 oz Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
1/4 oz Clove Fragrance Oil
1/4 oz Orange Fragrance Oil
1/8 oz Bay Essential Oil

Use a 30 gallon trash bag 3/4 full with cones. Sprinkle the oils over the cones, mixing them so that the oils are distributed evenly. Fasten shut near the top of the bag, leaving room to jiggle and mix the cones around occasionally, for a few days 'til the scents are blended.

Display in decorative baskets or bowls along with, for color and variety, long cinnamon sticks, tangerines or pomegranates, cedar tips, or your own cut evergreen tips. Or keep by the fireplace and toss in for a quick burst of scent. 8/92

PUMPKIN SPICE POTPOURRI - Featured in Better Homes and Gardens' Floral and Nature Crafts
magazine, 11/96 issue
3 c Windmill Pods, Orange
2 c Velvet Flowers, Burnt Orange
2 c Chili Peppers (dried)
2 c Spina Cristi
1 c Tilia Flowers
1 c Curly Pods, natural
1 c Lotus Pods, mini
1 c Acorns & "hats" (optional)
1 c Corn Husks, torn into narrow strips, 1 to 3" long (optional)
1 c light-colored seeds (pumpkin seeds, pistachio shells)
1/2 c Mace, whole
6 whole Nutmegs, cut in half

1/4 c Ginger Root Slices or Pieces
12 Tonka Beans, 6 cut in half
1/2 Vanilla Bean or 10 drops of Vanilla or French Vanilla Fragrance Oil
Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil

10 to 20 3" or 6" Cinnamon Sticks
10 to 15 Chinese Lanterns (sometimes called Japanese Lanterns)

Slit Vanilla Bean piece and scrape out the tiny seeds. Combine with Tonka Beans and Ginger Root slices in non-metallic container. Add the oils and mix well, cover and set aside or overnight to blend the scents. Add first potpourri ingredient to a large non-metallic container, add fixative/scent mixture and mix well. Add each ingredient, mixing with hands after each one, to distribute the scent. Top with Cinnamon Sticks and Lanterns. Keep covered when not "in use". 3/96

2 c Bay Leaves
2 c Blue Larkspur (Calcatrippae) Flowers
1-1/2 c Mace
1 c Uva Ursi Leaves
1 c Windmill Pods, Orange
1 c Velvet Flowers, Burnt Orange
1/2 c Ginger Root Pieces or Slices

1 c Oak Moss
1/2 c Sarsaparilla Root
3/4 oz Peach Fragrance Oil

8 Cinnamon Sticks, 6"
6 Preserved Magnolia Leaves
1 Peach, sliced and dried (cut a peach in half, remove pit, slice thinly, then air dry or use a dehydrator)

Combine Moss, Sarsaparilla and add Peach Fragrance. Cover and set aside for several hours to
absorb the oil. Combine first 7 ingredients and add the fixative/fragrance mixture, mix well and age for a week or two. Display suggestion: Pour into a large clear glass bowl and arrange the Cinnamon Sticks, Magnolia Leaves and dried Peach slices on top. To preserve the scent, cover with Saran wrap when not using. 5/96

1 c Orange Flower Petals
1/3 c Coriander Seed, ground (can use mortar and pestle)
2/3 c Peppermint Leaves, crushed

2 T Vetiver Root
2 T Calamus Root
2 T Oakmoss, cut
1 T Benzoin Gum Powder
10 to 20 drops of Bitter Orange Essential Oil (Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine,
Mandarin or Lemon may be used in place of Bitter Orange)

Combine and let the fixative and oil mixture blend overnight. Combine with the first three ingredients and fill sachet bags. 9/3/94

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