St. John's Wort Oil-Steep blossoms and leaves in carrier oil for 2-4 weeks. Can be used 100% or 50% with another healing oil to soothe sunburn & aches

Natural Baby Oil--Steep chamomile flowers in olive oil and strain

Aloe Vera Oil--Cut fresh aloe leaves, cover with a carrier oil, steep a few days, strain, add essential oils if you like.

Air Freshener--Add essential or fragrance oils to water in a spray bottle.

Carpet Freshener--Add essential or fragrance oils to baking soda in a shaker bottle (spice) sprinkle on carpet & vacuum.

Air & Vacuum Freshener--Drop Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil on cottonballs and put in vacuum cleaner bag to freshen and scent the air.

Glue Remover--Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil to remove sticky label glue from bottles. Works better than anything!

Feed Plants--Sprinkle Kelp on the soil to add potash & other minerals to houseplants.

Scented Beads--Mix 1T Acacia Gum powder (Arabic) (or Tragacanth Gum) with 3T water or oil, add essential oils, roll into beads, pierce, dry.

Ribbon Wreath Hanger--Thread wide ribbon through wire frame, hook, or around wreath & tack both ends over top of door frame.

Vanilla Sugar--Slit 2 or 3 vanilla beans lengthwise, add to 1 lb. powdered sugar, mix & store covered. Dust cakes or cookies, use on French toast or pancakes.

5 lbs sea salt
1 oz. vegetable glycerin
1/2 oz essential or fragrance oils
food coloring (optional)

Combine glycerin with scent & color. Pour sea salt in a jar and add the glycerin mixture. Turn jar to mix. Fill
containers--decorative or apothecary jars and scoop out with a seashell. 2/24/97

1 lb glycerin or castile soap
1/8 to 1/4 oz essential or fragrance oil
1c boiling water + up to 1/2c botanicals such as powdered herbs or flower petals oat, corn or almond meal, clay powders.

OR 1/4 to 1/2c herbal infusion ("tea")

Melt cut-up chunks of glycerin and/or castile soap in a double boiler or in a microwave at 50% power, with water or herbal infusion--honey can be used as part of the liquid. If using botanicals, stir them in slowly, when soap has melted, in one direction (to avoid air bubbles) with a non-metallic spoon. Let cool slightly--but still pourable--add scent and optional color chip and stir slowly as above. Pour into molds or a box lined with Saran Wrap.

To add to the translucency, add 1/8 to 1/4 oz of vegetable glycerin before pouring.

OR Let cool 'til thick and use hands to make soap balls.

Let harden, cut into bars and bevel edges and rough spots with paring knife. The soap should be hardened and ready to wrap after setting at room temperature for about 15 minutes, in the freezer for another 15 minutes, and at room temperature again for about 30 minutes. 5/3/97

Rolled Beeswax Candles -- Cut wick 3/4" longer than candle, center wick on edge of beeswax sheet, fold & press to secure wick & roll evenly. Cut sheet, for shorter candles or CUT diagonally for cone-shaped candles.

Poured Candles -- Make a small hole in the bottom of a juice can or milk carton, pull wick through, seal bottom with tape or clay, fasten other end of wick around pencil and rest pencil on top of mold to straighten and center the wick. Pour in melted wax, let harden a few minutes and fill center depression with more wax. Mold can be put in cold water to harden faster. Peel off cardboard mold for finished candle. Use a silicone mold release before pouring candles, to remove them easily when using metal and non-flexible molds.

Aromatherapy Candles -- Use essential oils to scent wax. Gurjun Balsam is a good additive to fix the scent and add warmth.

Scented Candles--1/4 to 1/2 ounce of fragrance oil scents 2lbs wax. Mix in scents when slightly cooled

Your choice of fresh fruit: Orange, Apple, Lime, Kumquat, Quince
Whole cloves
Powdered or cut herbs, spices, flowers: Cinnamon, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, Sarsaparilla Root, Sassafrass, Spearmint
Powdered fixatives: Frankincense, Gum Benzoin, Orris, Sandalwood

Stud the fruit with whole cloves--use a nail to pierce the skins of citrus fruit then insert the cloves.

Choose any combination of powders and mix well. Roll the pomanders in the powder mixture, sprinkle the tops with some of the powder, then store in a covered container in a dry location for two to four weeks.

Dust the powder off the pomanders.

Display in bowls or baskets alternating with colorful fruit

OR to hang...

Tie a long ribbon (about a yard long) around it, knotting at the top of the fruit. Fasten or tie the two loose ends together to make a hanging loop. Wrap another ribbon around the other two sides, making four equal sections and tie a bow through the bottom of the hanging loop. 9/93

KISSING BALLS: Use a shorter version of the above ribbon, and tie a sprig of fresh mistletoe* into the bottom bow.

*Mistletoe is poisonous, so if there are small children around, use artificial mistletoe.

SCENTAMENTS - Scented Ornaments:


1 lb Cinnamon Powder
1/2 c Orris Root Powder (optional)
2 c Applesauce, warmed

Mix ingredients and roll out, between 1/4" and 1/2" thick. This doesn't stick like dough. Use cookie cutters, cut-out patterns or cut your own shapes in the cinnamon dough with a butter knife. Use a straw to make a hole for hanging in the top of each one. Dry overnight in a dehydrator or up to a week, air-dried.

Decorate with acrylic and 3D paint, thread a ribbon or gold cord through hole and hang on tree or make garlands.

These will scent at least one whole room and will last for years if stored in a dry place. They will crumble if moist. 9/92


1 lb Beeswax
1/2 oz Fragrance or Essential Oil
narrow ribbon, thread, string or gold cord for hanging
molds (can use candy molds or beeswax molds, available at crafts stores or our small seashell soap molds)

Melt beeswax in a double boiler or in the microwave, on low heat. Spray molds with vegetable oil, cut the ribbon or cord, make a loop and dip ends in wax.

Stir scent into melted wax and pour into molds. A small funnel helps. Add the waxed ribbon to the top of each mold. Let them set at room temperature. When hardened enough to pull away from the sides of the molds, they can be removed and decorated with sprigs, spices, lace or beads. Store in a cool place. 10/96
Many flowers can be air-dried by hanging them upside-down. Roses and peonies dry well this way. Make sure the flowers are not fully opened when you dry them--by any method. Silica gel is great because it helps preserve the shape and color of many flowers such as daffodils, narcissus and zinnias.

Using a microwave with silica gel is quicker on thicker-petalled flowers and foliage, but use low heat and remove to finish the drying process (not good for preserving color in zinnias). A flower press works well for delicate flowers such as pansies and forget-me-nots.

Aries: (red) myrrh, black pepper, ginger
Taurus: (green) oakmoss, patchouli, ylang ylang
Gemini: (yellow) lavender, lemongrass, peppermint
Cancer: (blue) melissa (true lemon balm), chamomile, yarrow
Leo: (orange) frankincense, bay, lime, neroli
Virgo: (yellow-green) sandalwood, clary sage, cypress
Libra: (peach) rose, orris, vanilla
Scorpio: (purple) basil, pennyroyal, thyme
Sagittarius: (cranberry) clove, nutmeg, hyssop
Capricorn: (forest green) benzoin, tonka, vetiver
Aquarius: (metallic gold) spikenard, lemon verbena, anise
Pisces: (cobalt blue) cardamom, palmarosa, jasmine -- 2/91

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