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Potpourri and Sachet Ingredients (Not sold for food or internal use) Cups per lb. are approximate
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Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
Allspice, whole Mexican--1lb=6c SA Large brown berry with the scent of nutmeg and cloves
Andy Berries
Angel Wings--1lb=30c SC Paper-thin 3” translucent petals
Angel Wings Green
Angel Wings Blue
Angel Wings Light Blue
Angel Wings Bright Pink
Angel Wings Pastel Pink
Angel Wings Yellow
Angel Wings White
Angelica Root--1lb5c AF Aromatic fixative, also used in perfumery and skin care
Anise, Star, standard whole-- 1lb=8c ASC Shiny brown star-shaped pods, spicy-sweet
Apple Fiber Powder--Contains pectin, used in masks and shampoos (thickener)
Apple Slices--SCA Also a good accent or background for wreaths. Red & green
Arjun Pods (Larch)--SC Natural. With 4 thick fringed vanes, 1-2” like big windmill pods
Arrowroot--A good substitute for talc. Mix with essential oils and flower powders
Arti Pods--Pear-shaped pods with ridges on outer shell, 3" long (also see Pear Pods)
Bael Nut Slices--40/lb. SC Round terra-cotta slices with seed openings in a sunburst pattern, also called Quince
Baking Soda--An ingredient in body powder or bath salts
Bakuli Pods--1lb=6c S Brown 1” tulip-shaped wooden pods from India
Balm of Gilead Buds, wh. (Balsam)--1lb=10c SAC Poplar buds. Shiny 1” mellow scented cones
Balsam Fir Needles--1lb=8c AC Dark green, Christmas tree scent
Bay Leaves, Select--1lb=25c SCA Also used in wreaths as accents
Bentonite Clay Powder--Thickens lotions, emulsifies oils, hydrates
Benzoin Gum Powder
Benzoin Gum Resin
Bora Flowers--SC Small berry-like balls, approximately 1/4" diameter
Bora Flowers Green
Bora Flowers Red
Buckwheat Hulls--Used for pillow stuffing
Butea--see Kesu
Calamus Root, cut--1lb=6c FA (Sweet Flag or Sedge). Mellow, pungent , woody
Calcatrippae Flowers--Larkspur
Calendula (Pot Marigold)--1lb=20c SC Bright yellow & orange daisy-like petals
Caraway Seed--1lb=4c A Crescent-shaped, sharp spicy aroma. Found in antique sachet recipes
Cardamom, whole green--1lb=4c SA Warm, spicy oval seeds, strong, use sparingly
Catnip Leaf--1lb=15c A Minty-scented, used in cat toys and sleep pillows
Casuarina Pods, whole--1lb=8c SC Brown dimpled seed pods from India
Cedar Wood Chips, (Red Cedar)--1lb=21c AFSC Warm, clean, wood scent, repellent
Cedarwood Shavings (Red Cedar)--1lb=25c
Cedar Roses, natural (Diadora Cones)--1lb=8c S 1” “wooden roses”
Cedar Tips--1lb=40c ACS Olive-green sprays, 2-3”
Cellulose Fiber--1lb=5c F Inexpensive fixative. Substitute for Orris
Celosia (Cockscomb), Cranberry (natural)--1lb=20c SC Velvety fan-shaped flower clusters
Celosia, Dyed Red--(Cockscomb)--SC
Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
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