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Potpourri and Sachet Ingredients (Not sold for food or internal use) Cups per lb. are approximate
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Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
Chamomile, German (Egypt)--1lb=20c CSA Small yellow globes, like honey & apple
Chamomile, Roman--1lb=16c CSA Dime-size off-white pompoms (Manzanilla)
Chamomile Powder--Scented body powder ingredient
Chiles 3”--1lb=12c--CS Red peppers. Wreaths and swags, wear gloves to handle
Cinnamon Chips, small--1lb=4c ASC (Cassia) Reddish-brown, warm spicy aroma
Cinnamon Chips, large--1lb=5c ASC
Cinnamon Powder--1lb= 5c A Can be used as coloring in makeup powders
Cinnamon Sticks, 1”--1lb=4c ASC Approximately 350 per pound
Cinnamon Sticks, 3” ASC Approximately 120 per pound
Cinnamon Sticks, 6” ASC Approximately 60 per pound
Cinnamon Sticks, 10”--Approximately 35 per pound
Cinnamon Sticks, 18"--Approximately 16 per pound
Citric Acid Granules--A preservative and pH balancer. Used in bath bombs & fizzies
Cloves, whole--1lb=5c SA Dark brown whole flower buds look like mini-torches
Cockscomb--Celosia, natural
Cockscomb Red--Celosia, dyed Red
Coco Flowers (Palm Flowers)--SC 1-1/2” tan. Paint them white to look like Magnolias.
Comfrey Leaf, Contains Allantoin which is soothing & healing. Do not use internally, on broken skin or if pregnant or nursing
Cones--see Tree Cones
Copal Resin--1lb=3c AS Earthy, mysterious, heat on charcoal disk, burn as incense--resinous
Coriander, whole--1lb=6c SCA Brown & tan, tiny balls, sweet & spicy when crushed
Cornstarch--An ingredient for body powder
Cotton Pods
Cubeb Berries--1lb=6c SC Black/gray stemmed bead, spicy.Used in old potions & perfumes
Cupid Pods, Cupid Wings--see Palbosa
Curly Pods--1lb=16c SC 2-3” twisted spirals
Curly Pods Natural tan
Curly Pods Burgundy
Deer’s Tongue Leaf, cut--1lb=8c ASC Green, veined, vanilla-scented
Elder Berries, whole--1lb=4c SC Dark purple, raisin-like, fruity-scented
Elder Flowers, wh.--1lb=12c SC Yellow/tan, tiny honey-scented flowers. Natural water softener
Eucalyptus Leaf, whole single leaves from Spain.--1lb=14c ASC long, narrow; fresh scent
Eucalyptus Pods--Eucalyptus Bells S 3/4” bell-shaped pods
Everlasting--Pearly Everlasting, Rabbit Tobacco
Flax Seed--Holds hot and cold temperatures for therapeutic pillows, etc.
Frankincense Tears--1lb=3c FAS (Olibanum) #1, Strong balsam scent when heated
Frankincense Powder--FA Frankincense is also called Boswellia
French Green Clay Powder--Rich in minerals, increases circulation, balances skin oils. Stimulates connective tissue, healing & softening. Thickens lotions
French White Clay Powder--Anti-inflammatory, absorbs oil, cleansing, thickens.
Ginger Root Slices--1lb=8c AS Ginger soothes the skin. Cream and tan with a strong spicy scent
Globe Flowers (Globe Amaranth Flowers)--1lb=20c SC 1” clover-like flowers
Globe Flowers Natural White
Globe Flowers Natural Purple
Globe Flowers Red
Globe Flowers Green
Globe Flowers Yellow
Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum)--A binding agent and cosmetic thickener and emulsifier
Gum Benzoin Powder--FA (Benjamin) also called Styrax
Gum Tragacanth--A binding agent and cosmetic thickener
Hawthorn Berries, whole--1lb=4c SC Dark red 1/2” oval, light and sweet fruity scent
Hibiscus Flowers, whole--1lb=10c SC Dark Burgundy 1” blossoms, light lemon aroma
Hibiscus Pods--1lb=15c SC Cream-colored open pods, similar to Bakuli
Hibiscus Pods Natural
Hibiscus Pods Burgundy
Hibiscus Pods Dark Peach
Hops Flowers, whole--1lb=30c SC Celadon green, lemony-scent, layered petals
Irish Moss Powder (Carrageenan)--An emulsifier. Nourishing, skin softening, used in gels
Jackie Berries--SC Small berry-like balls, approximately 1/4" diameter
Jackie Berries Green
Jackie Berries Red
Jasmine Flowers, whole--1lb=20c SAC Off-white lightly-scented 1/2” flower petals
Juniper Berries, whole blue--1lb=4c ASC Dark violet spicy pine-scented berry
Juniper Berries, whole red--1lb=5c SCA Dark red faint pine-scented berry
Kelp Granules--Soothing, toning, rich in vitamins & minerals. Emulsifier. Protein rich, it adds body to hair
Kesu Flowers (Butea)--1lb=25c SC 1” fuzzy swirls
Kesu Flowers Natural (tan/yellow/orange)
Kesu Flowers Burgundy
Larkspur Flowers (Calcatrippae)--1lb=40c SC Delicate blue, adds color to lavender potpourri
Kinnu Leaves Red
Lavender Flowers--Extra (French)--1lb=17c ACS Small blue buds
Lavender Flower Powder--Scented sachet and body powder ingredient
Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
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