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Potpourri and Sachet Ingredients (Not sold for food or internal use) Cups per lb. are approximate
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Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
Lecithin Granules--Used in soaps or as washing grains combined with other “meals”
Lemon Peel, cut--1lb=7c AFSC 1/4” yellow-tan citrus-scented pieces
Lemon Thyme Leaf & Flower, wh.--1lb=16c ASC Green leaves, purple buds, tangy.
Lemon Verbena Leaf, whole--1lb=28c AS Green curled 3” warm lemon-scent
Lemongrass 1”--1lb=20c AS Light green rolled stalk, strong lemon
Life Everlasting, whole--1lb=30c SC Fuzzy yellow flower puffs with a hint of vanilla
Lily Petals SC
Linden Flower & Leaf, whole, Cert. Org.--1lb=28c SC Green leaves with tiny cream flowers
Lotus Pods, mini--loz.=about 12. Average 1” SC
Lycopodium (Club Moss) green--1lb=30c SC 2-3" sprigs, like small evergreen branches
Mace, cut--1lb.=6c. ASC Pink/tan/cream nutmeg-scented fronds
Mace, whole--1lb=6c SAC Woody cup-shape with fringed “tulip petals”
Magnolia Leaves, whole Dk Green--Approx. 200 per lb SC 4 to 8” preserved. Used in wreaths, floral design and potpourri
Malva, Black, whole--1lb=30c SC Black, 1” with a slight raspberry scent
Malva, Blue, whole--1lb=30c SC Violet 1" papery-textured flower
Melilot, cut--AC Yellow/white with a sweet vanilla and hay-like scent
Milo Berries--1lb=16c SC Small stemmed seed clusters
Milo Berries Natural
Milo Berries Purple
Milo Berries White
Milo Berries Red
Moss, Oak, cut--1lb=28c FSCA Silvery-green frilly lichen with a sweet, musky scent
Moss, Oak, whole--1lb=32c FSCA Blends well with lavender, citrus, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla
Moss, Club--Lycopodium green--1lb=30c SC 2-3" sprigs, like small evergreen branches
Moss, Reindeer--1/2oz=1 cup FSCA Light green 2" soft puffs, subst. for Oak Moss
Moss, Sheet--1 lb =410 cubic inches SC Used mainly in wreath and floral design
Moss, Spanish,--SC Gray-green strands used in wreath and floral design
Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris
Myrrh, 1/8”--1lb=3c AFS Reddish-brown resin nuggets, sweet-scent released when heated
Neem Leaf, whole--An Ayurvedic herb from India. Healing in lotions & soaps
Neem Leaf Powder--A healing Ayurvedic herb; lotions, soaps
Nutmeg Pieces--1lb=4c AS Brown nut pieces with a sweet, spicy pungent scent
Nutmeg, whole-- SAC Bruise or cut in half for scent, approximately 90 per lb.
Oak Moss, potpourri cut
Olive Leaf, whole--SC Oblong, silver-green leaf
Orange Peel, Cut (small)--1lb=6c ACSF
Orange Peel, Strips (also called Ribbons)--1lb=7c SCAF
Orange Slices, whole--SCA Accents on wreaths or in potpourri
Orchids, Wild, natural mauve--1lb=40c CS Velvety 1/2” flowers.
Orris Root, peeled & cut (Iris Germanica)--1lb=3c FA Cream/white violet-scented pebbles
Orris Root Granules, natural, cut (Iris Germanica)--1lb=3c FA Tan violet-scented grains
Orris Root Powder, peeled (Iris Germanica)--1lb=4c FA Aroma of Orris increases with age
Palbosa--SC Thin, round pods with ruffled edges. 1 to 1-1/2” Similar to large Spina Cristi
Palbosa White
Palbosa Red
Palbosa Green
Palbosa Blue
Palbosa Purple
Palbosa Pink
Palm Cones, Palm Springs, Palm Heads--1lb=25c SC Natural curly spirals, look like springs
Patchouli Leaf, cut--1lb=12c FA Brown/black musky earth fragrance
Pear Pods --1lb=5c SC 1-1/2 to 3” Large golden-brown pear pods
Pearly Everlasting, 1” snow white--1lb=35c CS Fluffy flower balls, (Rabbit Tobacco)
Pennyroyal, cut--1lb=15c A Tiny green minty leaves. Repels insects
Pectin Powder--Apple Fiber Powder
Peony Flowers, --1lb=40c SC
Peppermint Leaf--1lb=20c A
Pine Cones--see Tree Cones
Pomegranates, whole, med.--SC average 2” Red-russet, for accents in potpourri, wreaths & centerpieces
Protea Rosettes (Repens)--SC Brown wooden daisy-shaped flowers, 2-1/2”
Quince Slices (Bael Nuts)--40/lb. SC Round terra-cotta slices with seed openings in a sunburst pattern
Rose Leaves--1lb=25c--SC Dark green veined leaves
Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
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