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Potpourri and Sachet Ingredients (Not sold for food or internal use) Cups per lb. are approximate
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Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
Rosebuds, petite dark red--1lb=15c SCA Rosa Centifolia, from India
Rosebuds, pink (Moroccan)--1lb=16c ASC No petals, soft -scented tight buds. Use in potpourri, topiaries & rose balls
Rosebuds & Petals, pink--1lb=18c ASC Floral-scent slightly opened buds with some loose petals
Rosebuds & Petals, red--1lb=20c ACS
Rosebud Powder--Scented sachet and body powder ingredient
Rosehips, 1/2” whole--1lb=4c SC Red egg-shaped faint fruit-scented berry
Rosemary Leaf, whole--1lb=10c SA Green needle-type leaves with a piney-herb scent
Sage Leaf, whole--1lb=25c ASC Silver-green downy leaves. Warm herbal scent
St. John’s Wort, cut--1lb=9c Infuse in oil for sore muscles. Cleansing in shampoo
Sandalwood, yellow--1lb=6c FA Small, smooth, tan woody-scented chips. Perfumery & soap
Sandalwood Powder--Scented sachet and body powder ingredient used as a fixative
Sarsaparilla Root Powder--Smilax Officinalis from Ecuador. Vanilla-like scent fixative
Sassafras Root, cut--1lb=6c A Fruity, spicy and woody aroma
Screw Pods--(Twistie Pods) 1lb=5c SC Brown “unicorn horns” 1-1/2” long
Senna Pods, whole--1lb=15c SC Flat olive-green kidney-shaped seed
Sheet Moss
Soapbark--(Quillaya Bark) powder, excellent lathering
Soapwort Root (Bouncing Bet)--produces a mild, cleansing lather for shampoos & fabrics
Soapwort Root Powder (Bouncing Bet)--produces a mild, cleansing lather for shampoos & fabrics
Spanish Moss
Spearmint Leaf, whole--1lb=15c AC Green, sweetly refreshing scented leaves
Spina Cristi--1lb=12c SC Tan, brown, light green ruffly-edged saucers
St. John’s Wort, cut--Infuse in oil for sore muscles; cleansing in shampoo
St. John’s Wort Powder--Infuse in oil for sore muscles; cleansing in shampoo
Star Anise
Starflowers--1lb=16c SC 3/4" pom-poms
Starflowers Natural
Starflowers Red
Starflowers Jade
Starflowers Violet
Starflowers Pink
Strawflower mix--1lb=35c SC Assorted cream, yellow, orange, pink, burgundy large heads
Sweet Woodruff--see Woodruff, Sweet, below
Tilia Flowers--1lb=9c AS (Linden or Lime flowers) small “wooden pansies” with stems
Tonka Beans, whole--1lb=4c FAS Sweet & fruity vanilla-scented 1” dark brown
Twistie Pods--(Screw Pods) 1lb=5c SC Brown “unicorn horns” 1-1/2” long
TREE CONES--SCF Natural Browns
Pine cone potpourri: Scent with essential or fragrance oils & arrange in bowls or baskets, 
toss in a fire as kindling and to crackle and release their scents. Use them as wreath accents or make an all-pinecone wreath
Tree Cones - Birch--1lb=15c Closed scales
Tree Cones - Cedar Roses, natural (Diadora Cones)--1lb.=8c. 1” “wooden roses”
Tree Cones - Douglas Fir--3”x1-1/2”, approximately 100 per lb
Tree Cones - Hemlock Pine--1”x3/4”, approximately 100 per lb
Tree Cones - Lodgepole Pine--2”x1-1/2”, approximately 70 per lb (Limited amount)
Tree Cones - Ponderosa Pine--3”x5”, approximately 20 per lb
Tree Cones - Sequoia Cones--3-1/2"x2" pineapple-like approximately 25 per lb
Tree Cones - White Spruce--1”x2”, approximately 80 per lb
Uva Ursi Leaves--1lb=14c SC (Bearberry or Pinguica) small green sturdy leaves
Vanilla Beans, whole--Approximately 25 per 4oz Dark brown 6” narrow bean
Velvet Flowers--1lb=25c SC Soft, downy-petalled flowers
Velvet Flowers Natural Amber/tan
Velvet Flowers Dark Red
Velvet Flowers Green
Vermiculite--1lb=18c. Use in potting soil and to make Hypertufa troughs, pots,
Vetiver Root, cut--1lb=14c FA (Khus Khus) Tan tendrils with a rich woody fragrance fixative
Vetiver Root powder--Scented sachet and body powder ingredient used as a fixative
Wild Tulip Petals--1lb=40c SC Feather shaped petals
Wild Tulip Petals Red
Wild Tulip Petals Pink
Windmill Pods--1lb=25c SC Small pods with 4 vanes.  Look like mini Arjun pods
Windmill Pods Dark Blue
Windmill Pods Green
Windmill Pods Yellow
Windmill Pods Burgundy
Wintergreen Herb, cut--1lb.=8c. A Spicy, fresh minty scent
Wood Shavings--see Cedar Shavings, Cedar Chips or Sandalwood
Woodruff, Sweet, cut--1lb=15c A A distinctive refreshing scent like new-mown hay & vanilla
Yucca Root, powder--The soap plant of the Southwest United States. Foaming & cleansing
Potpourri Uses: F = Fixative A = Aroma C = Color S = Shape (texture)
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