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Keep carrier oils closed in a cool, dark place after opening. Opened, most have a shelf life of 8-12 months. Oils with a star * are preservative when added because of their anti-oxidant properties. Essential oils are anti-bacterial & help to prolong shelf life.
Before using products containing herbs, essential or fragrance oils on skin, do a patch test of finished product to check for allergic reaction.

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For body, massage & bath oils use 1/4 to 1 oz essential oil per quart or 9 to 18 drops per oz of carrier oil. Bath oils can contain higher amounts since they will be diluted in bath water
CARRIER OILS (Base oils)--Use 100% or combine with others
Almond, Sweet--Pale yellow, all skin types, rich in protein, cleansing, moisturizing & nourishing. 1 year shelf life. Use 100% as base oil or 50% with grapeseed or apricot kernel (lighter), for massage.
Aloe Vera Extract in vegetable oil--Promotes the skins healing process, a natural sunscreen, effective on dry scalp.
Aloe Vera Gel--Not an oil but used as one. Healing, soothes sunburn.
Apricot Kernel--Pale yellow, similar properties to sweet almond oil, high in vitamin A & B, skin repair and rejuvenation. 6 month shelf life.
Castor, Sulfated (Turkey "red")--Gold in color, no scent, Disperses in water, doesn't float on top. Used in bath oils to carry and disperse essential and other oils
*Glycerin, Vegetable--Moisture retentive for lotions. Substitute for alcohol as a preservative. An emulsifier.
Grapeseed--Pale green, non-greasy, good choice for massage, oily & problem skin. Contains vitamins minerals & proteins. 3 month shelf life
*Jojoba--Pale yellow, balances oily & dry skin, anti-oxidant, collagen-like properties, an emulsifier. Good perfume base. Actually a wax, not an oil. Indefinite shelf life.
CARRIER OILS (Base oils)--Use up to 10% to add their properties
Avocado--Dark green, heavy oil for all skin types especially dry, dehydrated & mature. Healing. Lecithin, vitamins A, D, E & protein. 1 year shelf life. Hign in unsaponifiables which benefits age spots, scars and moisturizing.
*Grapefruit Seed Extract--Natural preservative. 2 drops per oz or up to 5%
Rosehip Seed--Emollient for dry, sunburned, scarred or aging skin & damaged hair. Used by Native South Americans for centuries
Sesame--All skin types esp.flaking or oily; softens, moistens
*Vitamin E--D-Alpha Tocopherol; 550 I.U.'s per ml; promotes elasticity; 1ml.(25 drops)an oz. as an anti-oxidant in base oils
*Wheat Germ--Red/orange; dry, oily or mature skin. Add 1/8 ounce per ounce of carrier oil as an anti-oxidant
*Preserve-It--Natural anti-oxidant for soaps & cosmetics - Rosemary Oil Extract
Create lotions, creams & soaps, or use as they are.
Lotion--Unscented and uncolored. Add essential or fragrance oils, herbal extracts and other carrier or cosmetic oils for the properties desired or use as is. Ingredients
Cocoa Butter--From the Cacao (chocolate) tree. Softens skin, thickens creams, good cuticle conditioner, whitens nails. Use as a base for healing herbal creams & body butters. Solid at room temperature
Coconut Oil--Moisturizer for hair & face, softens skin. Melts at body temperature. Similar uses to cocoa butter, emollient. Reacts with salt to produce soap. Solid at room temperature
Lanolin--Protective barrier, won't allow penetration. Used for lip gloss & hair products, etc. in tiny amounts. From sheep's wool
Anhydrous Lanolin--Solid at room temperaturesolid at room temperature
Liquid Lanolin--An Edgar Cayce Heritage Store product
Palm Kernel Oil--Similar to Coconut oil. Used in soaps and as a hardener for other oils. Too much can be drying. Use no more than 5%. Solid at room temperature
Shea Butter (Karite Butter)--Skin softening, conditions hair. From the nut of an African tree. Add to creams, soap, body butters, shampoo and conditioners. Solid at room temperature
Beeswax Block--Pure, use in lip gloss, lotions & creams; for sealing corked bottles. Solid at room temperature
Beeswax Beads--Same uses as beeswax block. Solid at room temperature has books on  massage - natural cosmetics - bath oils
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