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Before using products containing herbs, essential or fragrance oils on skin, do a patch test of the finished product on the inside of arm to check for allergic reaction.
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Use in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, lotions & powders. Minerals nourish skin, pull impurities from pores
Bentonite Clay Powder--Thickens lotions, emulsifies oils and hydrates
French Green Clay Powder--Rich in minerals, increases circulation, balances skin oils, stimulates connective tissue, healing, softening, thickening
French White Clay Powder (Kaolin or China clay)--Anti-inflammatory, absorbs oil, cleansing, thickens
Balancing Lavender Clay Facial Mask Blend contains French white clay, oats, lavender flowers, calendula flowers and fennel
Calendula Renewal Clay Facial Mask Blend contains French white clay, calendula flowers, oats, lavender flowers, comfrey leaf, myrrh, oregano and anise
Acacia Gum (Gum Arabic) Binding agent, cosmetic thickener & emulsifier
Aloe Vera Powder--Aloe Barbadensis Leaf. Soothes damaged & irritated skin. Use in facials, body wraps, bath salts, milk baths, soaps, body scrubs, etc.
Apple Fiber--Contains pectin; use in masks and shampoos; thickener
Arrowroot--Substitute for talc; can add essential oils and flower powders
Baking Soda--An ingredient in body powder or bath salts
Benzoin Gum Powder--Promotes healing, a preservative & a fixative
Body Powder--A Talc substitute, contains Arrowroot powder and Kaolin white clay
Chamomile Powder--Scented body powder & sachet ingredient
Citric Acid Granules--A preservative and pH balancer
Cornstarch--An ingredient for body powder
Lavender Flower Powder--Scented body powder ingredient
Lecithin Granules--Use in soaps or as washing grains with almond meal, pumice, oatmeal or other ground materials
Neem Leaf Powder--A healing Ayurvedic herb; lotions, soaps
Orris Root--Scented body powder ingredient & fixative
Rosebud Powder--Scented body powder & sachet ingredient
Pumice, Powdered--Add to soaps for heavy duty scrubbing bars
Sandalwood Powder--Scented body powder ingredient & fixative
Sarsaparilla Root Powder--Smilax Officinalis, Ecuador. External use only. Vanilla-like scent & fixative
Soapwort Root Powder--(Bouncing Bet)--produces a mild, cleansing lather for shampoos & fabrics
Tragacanth Gum--A binding agent and cosmetic thickener
Vanillin USP Powder
Vetiver Root Powder--Scented body powder ingredient & fixative
BOX & PUFF for Body Powder
Powder Box--4 oz clear, round plastic box with cover
Powder Puff--3" diameter white satin-top puff
HERBS--Add "tea" or oil infusion to bath, body & hair products
Also see BOTANICALS: Calendula, Chamomile, Elder Flowers, Lavender, Rosemary & Sage
Comfrey Leaf*, cut--Contains Allantoin. Soothing. *Do not use internally, on broken skin or if pregnant or nursing
Neem Leaf, whole--An Ayurvedic herb from India; healing in lotions and soaps
St. John’s Wort, cut--Infuse in oil for sore muscles; cleansing in shampoo
Sarsaparilla Root, cut--Smilax Officinalis from Ecuador. Vanilla-like scent fixative
Irish Moss Powder (Carrageenan)--Emulsifier, nourishing, softening, gels
Kelp Granules--Soothing, toning, rich in nutrients,emulsifies; adds body to hair
Sea Salt--Coarse grind, draws out skin toxins in the bath. Used in bath salts
Sea Salt--Fine grains, draws out skin toxins in the bath. Use in body glow scrubs and for purifying metaphysical stones and gems.
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