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Made with natural botanicals from around the world, adding essential oils aged with traditional fixatives for lasting scent. Fragrance oils are used if the essential oils are not available or practical. Packaged in cellophane bags, the fragrances don't escape through the cellophane.  Our potpourris are formulated to use dry unless noted as appropriate for simmering potpourri as well.
Iris, allium, pyrethrum daisy, hawk's eye, pin cherry & apple trees, NW view
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Autumn Breeze Potpourri--Orchid & Lavender background with splashes of yellow & orange calendulas and other flowers, scented with lavender & clary sage essential oils
Exotic Evening Potourri--A tawny, woody mixture with spices and sandalwood
Fiesta Potpourri--Ingredients native to Mexico and the Southwest U.S., with essential oils, sarsaparilla, vanilla beans, chiles & more
Flamenco Potpourri--Olive and eucalyptus leaves with roses, flowers, fruits and aromatic oils of apricot, almond, orange, rock rose, pomegranate--found in Spain.
Harvest Apple Potpourri--Greens, creams, and spots of russet with a creamy apple scent
India Rose Potpourri--Burgundy and green with classic sandalwood and roses, and other ingredients native to India
Rose Garden Potpourri--Red and pink roses, spices, leaves and sandalwood with fragrance and essential oils
Sunshine Potpourri--A crisp green background with orange and yellow highlights of fruits and flowers, with a citrus scent
Vanilla Island Mist Potpourri--Cobalt blue and white with tonka beans, scented with vanilla and coconut
Victorian Christmas Potpourri--Forest green & cranberry with white "puffs", gold curly pods, mini pomegranates, cranberry scent
Wildwood Potpourri--Blues and rich browns with lavender and spices
Winterberry Spice Potpourri--Red roses, berries, spices, tiny cones and more, with the scent of bayberry & balsam
Made with Select botanicals, may contain fragrance oils and cellulose as a fixative
Fragrant Meadows Potpourri: A delicate blend of rosebuds, lemongrass, mosses, fragrance oils and more. 1lb.=15-1/2c
Floral Fantasy Potpourri: A colorful blend of many flowers and shapes (tilia, roses, spina cristi, etc.) with cedar and tiny lves. 1lb.=20c
Forest Glen Potpourri: Star anise, rosehips, hibiscus with berries, balsam, cones, spices, sage, and woody flowers. 1lb=8-3/4c
BULK SACHET BLENDS                           Stuff our Battenburg lace doilies, cotton 3x5, 5x7,
silk, organza & rayon  sachet bags or sachet tea bags
Herbal Closet Sachet contains rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, cedar, cellulose, oakmoss, orris and essential oils
Dream Pillow Sachet is a combination of traditionally relaxing ingredients: Roses, mugwort, peppermint, lemon verbena & chamomile with cellulose as a fixative
1 lb=14-1/2c
Fill cotton 3x5, 5x7, bags or infuser ball; or make a tea & add to bath.  Add castile flakes
Relaxing Herbal Bath Blend--Contains rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender flowers
1 lb.=13-1/2c
Stimulating Herbal Bath Blend--Contains Lavender flowers, rosemary, marjoram, chamomile flowers and peppermint leaf
1 lb.=13-1/2c
Mix with water, apply to skin, let dry then rinse off
Balancing Lavender Facial Mask--Clay Facial Mask Blend contains French white clay, oats, lavender flowers, calendula flowers and fennel
Calendula Renewal Facial Mask--Clay Facial Mask Blend contains French white clay, calendula flowers, oats, lavender flowers, comfrey leaf, myrrh, oregano and anise
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