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aaw o r l dao fap l e n t y

s i t eec o n t e n t s

i d e a s
bath and body recipes, nature crafts, tips

printable version
bath salts

melt & pour herbal and scented soaps
candle - making tips
pomanders & kissing balls
Scentaments: Cinnamon ornaments &
scented beeswax ornaments

flower - drying tips
astrology & essential oils

potpourri and sachet recipes
printable version
basic instructions for making your own

Velvet Winds potpourri recipe
Holiday Pine Cone potpourri recipe
Pumpkin Spice potpourri recipe
Summer Peach potpourri recipe
Morning Dew sachet
b o t a n i c a l s
allspice to celosia
chamomile to lavender
lemon to rose leaves
rosebuds to yucca
for potpourri, sachets, candle decorating,
bath & body products & nature crafts
a r o m a t i c   o i l s
the difference between essential and fragrance oils

essential oils
pure essential oils
scent ball
auto scent diffuser
lamp ring
fragrance oils
fragrance oils for potpourri, sachet,
perfume, candles, soap . . .
n a t u r a lab a t haa n dab o d y
carrier oils
base & preservative oils for massage,
body and bath oils, soaps and lotions -
almond, aloe, apricot, turkey red,
glycerin, grapeseed, jojoba, avocado,
grapefruit seed extract, rosehip, sesame,
vitamin E, wheat germ

cosmetic oils for lotions, creams, body
butter, lip gloss, soap additions - cocoa
butter, coconut oil, lanolin, palm kernel
oil, shea butter

cosmetic grade beeswax & paraffin

powders and herbs
French white clay ( Kaolin ), French green
clay & bentonite clay powers; gum
arabic, apple fiber, arrowroot, baking
powder, benzoin, citric acid, cornstarch,
lavender flower, lecithin, neem, orris,
rosebud, sandalwood, USP talc,
tragacanth gum and vetiver root
herbs and sea products for
bath, body and hair - Irish moss & kelp
powders, sea salt
soap making basics
herbs containing saponins
(lather-forming) - sarsaparilla, soapwort
& yucca

melt & pour glycerin soap - making kit,
glycerin & castile melt & pour soaps,
color chips & molds

unscented liquid soap, shampoo, bath &
shower gel & lotion bases (& ingredients)

herbal bath blends, facial masques

bath scrubbers - ayate & loofah

b o t a n i c a lab l e nd s
potpourri and sachets, pre-made
Autumn Breeze, Exotic Evening, Fiesta,
Harvest Apple, India Rose, Rose Garden,
Sunshine, Vanilla Island Mist, Victorian
Christmas, Wildwood, Winterberry Spice,
Flamenco potpourris

Fragrant Meadows, Floral Fantasy, Forest
Clearing potpourris

Herbal Closet Sachet, Dream Pillow

Relaxing, Revitalizing & Stimulating
herbal bath blends

Balancing Lavender and Calendula Renewal
facial mask blends

s u p p l i e s
tools for crafting
sachet bags or bath bags made of cotton,
iridescent organza or silk; Battenburg
doilies for sachets and dream pillows;
iron-sealable tea bags for sachet and bath
tea; cellophane bags for packaging potpourri
and other things

herb (& coffee bean) grinder, mortar & pestle,
nutmeg grater, powder box & puff, infusers

droppers, dropper caps, plastic potpourri
gallon jars,

diffusers, tea lights, light bulb scenters,
charcoal burning disks, 
unscented incense

beeswax & paraffin for sealing corked
for making furniture polish & for
making scented wax ornaments, gold cord
w r e a t h  a n daf l o r a l
basic supplies
wreath bases & forms - Spanish moss,
grapevine, twig, straw, living wreath;
single, crimped & double wire rings;
Handi-rings & "box" frame wire bases

floral foam for fresh, dried & silk flowers;
Oasis spheres & styrofoam cones, balls
& bases; topiary forms

floral stem wire, paddle wire, greening
pins, flower picks and antiqued upholstery

floral stem wrap tape, waterproof tape,
floral clay tape

silica gel, flower presses & blotter refills,
Floralife, dried & fresh flower preservatives
& cleaner; stem stripper

plastic candle-holder inserts for foam floral

door wreath hangers

i n f o r m a t i o n
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